Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Check Out My Cards: Volume VII (The Final HUGE Stack of Minis)!

It's time to close the book on my recent Check Out My Cards purchase.  I ended up making a serious dent in a bunch of different sets on my want list, but perhaps no bigger dent that I made in my 2007 Allen & Ginter's Flags of All Nations set.

You see, the main reason for my purchase was to nab all of the cheap flag cards that I could get into my cart...and in the end that total was a whopping 13 out of the 50 cards in the set!

I think the Flags of All Nations set is a gorgeous set - and it makes me yearn for some of the early days of Topps' version of Allen & Ginter!

From the above cards, I think my favorites are Australia (with the kangaroo), Chile (beautiful looking mountains), Ivory Coast (cool elephant), Panama (because of the big ship), Thailand (more elephants), and Turkey (great looking card all around).  My least favorite has to be the United Arab Emirates - what a boring place (according to the card)...nothing but sand to see there!

All told, I'm ecstatic to acquire that many cards for my set - though I still need another 30 cards before I can consider the set complete!

Editor's Note:

So...  After putting all the above minis in my binder, I realized that I already owned the awesome Kenya card - so that one is available for trade!


RAZ said...

That is a pretty good-looking insert set! I bet they look great lined up together in binder pages.

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