Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Deliver Time! Trade Stack Success Thanks to Bump and Run Football Cards

Today's trade post is the result of another successful Trade Stack - the latest being one claimed by Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Cards.  Trevor sent me a small stack of 1997 Metal Universe cards - a set that I am only now beginning to work on completing (as evidenced by my large want list for the set).

One of the awesome things about the 1997 Metal Universe set (produced by Fleer) is that Fleer was owned by Marvel (better known for their comic books).  It's clear that this set was inspired by Marvel's comic book knowledge - in fact, their comic book illustrators did the designs for the cards in the Metal Universe set.

The only bad thing about the set (assuming you like the basic set idea which admittedly not everyone will) is that the cards don't actually tell any sort of story.  In fact, I can't find any rhyme or reason for the drawings - it certainly seems like the comic illustrators knew nothing about baseball...they simply drew "cool stuff" on the cards (and players) and called it a day.

Trevor sent me all of the cards you see above, plus a few more below.  If I had to pick favorites from the stack sent my way, it'd probably either be Jeff Montgomery with his bionic cannon arm...

...or perhaps Alex Fernandez with his laser eye sight and cheesy old-timey Inspector Gadget wrist apparatus...

...or else this Goerge Arias card where he's playing baseball against a team of caged brains.

All bizarre.

Nothing makes sense.

And yet.

It's fun to look at.

I wouldn't want a set like this every year - but maybe once every twenty years.  And with that, I'd say we are just about due for a Metal Universe comeback!


Trevor P said...

I can keep em coming for you. I picked up a collection from a guy last year, and he had the set. Since I have no taste for it, I'm more than willing to part with them. Agreed on the Montgomery, by the way. That's my favorite of the stack.

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