Monday, September 12, 2016

Minis, Minis, Minis. Wave Your Flag!

Back in 2010, K'naan had the theme song for the World Cup called "Wavin' Flag."  The song is fitting for today's post not because of soccer (aka football) but rather because of the flag part!

That's right, I'm back with more 2007 Allen & Ginter Flags of All Nations mini cards!

I found another eBay seller who had a bunch of flag cards for (relatively) cheap.  I was able to get three more that I needed for my set:  Bulgaria, Morocco, and Portugal.

First, Bulgaria.

Some of the flag cards seem way more involved than others - and Bulgaria's card is definitely a work of art.  The designs along the side, the mountain in the background, and the main image all make for an interesting card (even if Bulgaria's flag is about as boring as you can get).

Next, Morocco.

Although not nearly as detailed of a card as Bulgaria's card was, Morocco's card still captures the essence of the country with the sands, sun, and camel silhouette.

And last, but definitely not least, Portugal.

I love boats so for me Portugal's card is the best of this bunch!

That's it for this purchase...hopefully it won't be too much longer before I have some more flag cards to show off!


JediJeff said...

This is a mini set I forget about, but REALLY need to build. It's gorgeous.

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