Monday, October 31, 2016

1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated: SIber Additions.

It's been a number of days since I've had time to even open up a single pack from my 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated box.  Believe it or not, I actually write each post as I open the packs...and so you get my true feelings on the packs as I go through the box.

Anyhow, I'm back - and I'm ready to open the 15th pack out of the box.

Pack 15:
66.  Andy Pettitte

72.  Jose Rosado

128.  Derek Jeter
148.  Frank Thomas
172.  Ken Griffey, Jr.

Great Shots:  John Smoltz

This was a fairly star-studded pack...but out of all the stars, the only cards that I needed were the Pettitte and the Rosado (who?).  Both are part of the SIber Vision subset.


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