Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another New Mini Poster: Making Progress - One Card at a Time (1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated)

I've officially hit the halfway point of my 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated box (after this pack, that is).  I've done quite well in terms of my goal of completing my set...let's hope the good luck continues as I move out of the first half and into the second half!

Pack 12:
6.  Nomar Garciaparra
94.  Sammy Sosa

104.  Ray Lankford
159.  Randy Johnson
173.  Greg Maddux

Great Shots:  Kenny Lofton

This is the second pack in a row where I didn't get at least one new base card...but for the second pack in a row I did get a new Great Shots mini poster.  I guess that's ok for now since I definitely hope to finish off the mini posters (since I don't remember the last time that I got one of those in a trade)!


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