Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Delivery Time: Ain't Nobody Got Time for Cardboard

After a couple of busy mail days, I now have seven packages sitting on my desk that I need to go through (and blog about)!  That's actually a great thing for me since A)  I haven't had much time at all lately to think of compelling blog topics and B)  It generally means that I've managed to carve out just enough time this semester to get a few trades rolling!

One of my recent trades was with Andy over at Ain't Nobody Got Time for Cardboard.  I sent Andy a bunch of 2016 Allen & Ginter base cards and short prints (and a Soler relic) in exchange for a few cards off my want list.

We begin with the minis - because it's my blog and I can begin with whatever I want!  In all seriousness, this year's edition of Ginter had some nice mini sets - especially the Subways & Streetcars set of which Andy sent me two more that I needed.

The Market St. Cable Card is, of course, a famous trolley from San Francisco.  I've been to San Francisco exactly once in my life - but I didn't get to ride the trolley.  The City Bus card doesn't actually "belong" to any particular city, but the card back does note that San Francisco "vowed to be the most bus-reliant metropolis in the United States."  That's kind of a weird thing to vow if you ask me.

Sticking with the California theme for a bit longer, the third and final mini of the trade package is this US Mayors card of Tom Tait from Anaheim, CA.

According to Tait's card back, he's undertaken a "city of kindness" initiative for Anaheim.  I wonder if that kindness includes referring to Anaheim as Los Angeles?  Sorry, too soon Angels?

In addition to the minis, Andy sent over a few full-sized inserts that I wanted as well including three very much appreciated Mascots in the Wild cards.

The Mascots in the Wild set is retail only which really sucks for me since A)  I opened a bunch of hobby boxes this year and B) even if I wanted to open retail, my local Wal*Mart might have Ginter for a maximum of one week a year so I'm out of luck now!

From the card backs, I learned that "Mariner Moose" is a thing.

The big score from the trade was this Kyle Waldrop autograph from 2016 Stadium Club.

As a Reds' fan, this particular year of baseball was one best forgotten...but there is some hope on the way for the big league club which includes Waldrop.  I don't follow Minor League Baseball enough to know what to expect from Kyle but I'll happily take one of his autographs right now (especially on card from a beautiful set) in the hopes that he becomes a star in the near future!

Thanks for the trade Andy!  And, as always, should anyone else want to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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