Sunday, October 02, 2016

New Projects Here at Nachos Grande!

Although I have been incredibly busy with work (the semester is in full swing and I'm barely ahead on lessons and homework assignments), I have been contemplating a few new projects here at Nachos Grande.

The first is a pair of Frankensets.  I've mentioned my plans in passing on the blog before, but my goal is to eventually put together an all-Reds Frankenset and an all non-Reds Frankenset.  Once I begin actually putting together my set(s), I'll spell out all the rules that I've made for myself!

Another project that I'd like to do is to take my baseball card display case (that houses 20 baseball cards) and turn it into something a bit more interesting.  At the moment, the case holds an assortment of Reds, plus a few other baseball legends...but nothing has been updated since the beginning of 2009!  In fact, I found the post that I wrote about the wall hanging - and I assure you that nothing has changed since then!

Thus, my second new project that I'd like to begin:  A 20-card Allen & Ginter signature wall hanging which I'm calling my Ginter Autograph Quest.

My goal will be to send out my first ever through the mail autograph requests - and all will be Allen & Ginter cards.  I was inspired to try this project out thanks to the Little League World Series.  You see, every year in Williamsport, PA (where I work) there is a parade for Little League plus lots of other festivities.  As part of the celebration, there are usually multiple big league stars that join in the fun (often as Grand Marshal of the parade or as part of the announcing crew for ESPN).  This year, one of the stars that came to Williamsport was Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.

Now, like most things these days, Little League does a lot with its sponsors.  I just so happened to have a cousin who was going to get to work with Rodriguez for the better part of a day for a business thing - and he offered to get a card signed for me.

And so - I now have my first Allen & Ginter signature for my wall hanging.

Yeah, the autograph somehow got smudged quite a bit - but I still think it looks good on that particular card - the 2008 Ginter set is perfect for autographs (at least I think so).

I haven't actually sent out any TTM requests yet (no time for such things right now) but this is definitely a project that I want to pursue.


Matt Stupienski said...

Beautiful. Even with the smudge.

cynicalbuddha said...

That's a great idea. A&G cards where meant to be autographed!

Jeremya1um said... is a great resource for ttm autographs. You can look up players to see their success rates for returning mail, get addresses and tips on private signings, and they have messageboards where you can buy,sell, Anne try to make trades with other members. I believe it is still 9.95 per year. It helped me a ton when I used to do ttm autos.

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