Saturday, October 22, 2016

You'll Poke Your Eye Out, Kid!

I'm almost to the halfway point of my 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated box - and if this rip hasn't convinced you to go and get your own box, I don't know what will!  This is an awesome set (that is still quite affordable) - with great photography and plenty of mini posters!

Pack 11:
7.  Todd Greene
25.  Bubba Trammell
40.  Darren Daulton
79.  Kevin Brown

112.  Mike Piazza

Great Shots:  Andres Galarraga / Vinny Castilla

This is an interesting poster...though I don't quite understand why Fleer would choose this shot for such an (otherwise) iconic set of poster images.  Nothing like one guy almost poking another guy in the eye, eh?

The bad news about this pack is that I didn't get a single new base card for my set.  The good news is that I needed the weird "poking eyes" mini poster so I'll take solace in inching closer to that set here!


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