Thursday, December 15, 2016

An Awesome Surprise Birthday Present from Joe F.!

My birthday was almost a month ago - and during the month of November I was so busy with work that I barely had time for anything else (never mind trying to actually post on my blog).  As such, now that school has all but wrapped up (I have one more final to give this morning and then I'm done with the fall semester...minus grading of course) it is time for me to go back and check out a birthday gift that I received back in November from blog reader (and Reds' fan extraordinaire), Joe.

Joe sent me an awesome Barry Larkin bobblehead - something that I definitely appreciate since I can't usually get to many (if any) Reds' games in a given year.  In fact, other than this past summer when I did the three game road trip with my dad, I hadn't been to Cincinnati in over a decade!

This particular Larkin bobblehead is part of a three figure series, but if you ask me the only one that is a "must own" is the Larkin!  I love the 90s pinstripes - and that pinstripe hat is perfect (I still own a bunch of those hats).

The bobblehead was an awesome birthday surprise - and while I may not have been able to post about it until about a month later, I assure you that the fact that someone thought of me during that crazy November really did mean the world.  It's amazing how it can be a little gesture such as this from an (otherwise) complete stranger and it can make your day (or, in my case, made my month)!

Many, many thanks Joe!  The Larkin bobblehead is now proudly displayed on the top shelf of one of my baseball card shelves along with some of my other baseball "relics."  That reminds me that I should really do another "man cave" photo post sometime soon...quite a bit has changed since the last time I updated everyone on my man cave.  Maybe now that my winter break is almost here I can find some time to take a bunch of photos and then upload them to the blog.


Mia Gomez said...

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Joe Frecker said...

Chris: Glad you like it. I would love to see some man cave pictures. Joe

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