Monday, December 26, 2016

The Great Reorganization: Step 21: I'm Back at It!

I haven't had a chance to really do much in terms of working on my Great Reorganization project since early September.  However, since I still have another couple of weeks off from work (though I should be lesson planning for yet another new course that I'm teaching in the spring), I do hope to make some more progress on my card reorganizing.

In an effort to ensure that I at least make a little progress over winter break, I'm taking a look at my stack of 1987 cards today and deciding what to do with them all.  As usual, my thought process goes something like this for each set:
A.  Do I want to complete it?  If yes, create a want list, find a binder, and page the cards that I currently own.
B.  If not, do I want to keep any of the specific cards for my various player collections?
C.  If not, do I want to keep any of the specific cards for my two frankensets that I hope to actually put together in my lifetime?
D.  If not, is there anything interesting for a Trade Stack addition?  Are there other bloggers out there who are trying to collect any of my unwanted cards?
E.  If all else fails, divide the cards up by team and put them in the "extras" box that I use to round out trade packages for people.

And with that, I am expecting a LOT of option E with 1987 cards...but let's find out together.

Let's begin with 1987 Donruss/Leaf.

I've lumped all my 1987 Donruss cards into one pile...because really that's how I think of them (the two above Eric Davis cards are actually from two different sets despite looking virtually identical).  In the era before parallels, card companies basically released two nearly identical sets instead.  You can probably sense my disdain for this year's edition of Donruss...and you'd be right.  This is an easy choice to not collect.

Next up, 1987 Fleer.

The '87 Fleer set was never a favorite of mine...and as a Reds' fan, those bright blue borders look even worse for cards of my team (the borders do work fairly well for a team like the Mets however).  Luckily, I actually own very little from the '87 Fleer set...and I have no plans to ever buy any more.  Another easy decision to not collect.

And the last of the "big three" from 1987:  1987 Topps:

Love it or hate it, the '87 Topps design truly is iconic.  I'm definitely not embarrassed to admit that I've already collected this set...and I'm going to be keeping it for the foreseeable future.  Thus, this set gets the honor of being the only set from 1987 that I will be keeping in my collection.

Oh, and if you were wondering - I do own a smattering of "oddball" cards from 1987, but most of those will make their way into my Frankenset...and if they don't, they'll show up in a Trade Stack or a trade package near you soon!


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