Monday, December 05, 2016

The Penultimate Pack (finally!)

After spending much of the past weekend writing the remaining lesson plans for my Calculus III class (and grading term papers), I managed to squeak out just enough time to watch Penn State take down Wisconsin Saturday night.  I also managed to finally rip another pack of cards from my 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated box.  This must be the slowest box ripping in the history of baseball card collecting.

No matter, I'm almost done with the box - this is the penultimate pack!

Pack 23:
29.  Tino Martinez
56.  Sandy Alomar, Jr.

70.  Alex Rodriguez

74.  Tom Galvine
129.  Tino Martinez (a Tino hot pack)!
Great Shots:  Ken Griffey, Jr.

I needed both the Alomar and the A-rod along with the Griffey mini poster.  I'd say this was a successful pack for sure!  Only one pack remains...let's hope I get to it before Christmas (actually, I only have to write a final exam and then I'll have things under control for awhile once again).


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