Saturday, January 14, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #3: A Hit (of the Single Variety)

Yesterday was my last day of true vacation, but at least I ended the vacation on a high note in terms of the blog:  I managed to open (and post) another pack from my 1996 Collector's Choice box AND I busted out my second game review of 2017.  I will admit that I am already regretting saying that the game reviews would be a weekly thing...they definitely take too much time/energy for me to get one done every Friday of the year (but I do hope to do a bunch of them over the course of the year).

Anyhow, it's no longer Friday so let's not dwell on that.  Instead, we move on to the third pack out of the 1996 Collector's Choice box.

26.  Jesus Tavarez
99.  Mark Portugal

How often do you get a photo of a pitcher signing a bat?  Also, look at all the signatures on that bat - someone ended up with a pretty cool souvenir.
113.  Jose Rijo
159.  Craig Biggio

Biggio, to me, is in the same sort of mold as Jose Altuve (my current favorite non-Reds player).  Scrappy, but still talented.
201.  Brad Radke
265.  Orlando Merced
337.  Carlos Baerga
You Make the Play:  45.  Matt Williams (Single)

That's the first hit card that I have from this game.  With a walk and a single I still can't score a run but at least I'm getting closer to having a playable game.  Matt S. suggested I "play a game" while I open the packs up...and so I think I'll do that!  Right now, it's the Top of the 1st, with runners on first and second (we'll assume the single didn't advance the runner to third).  As I continue to open packs, I'll keep track of the outs, hits, score, and innings.  In order to make this a proper "game" I will make it so the opposing team scores 1 run every inning (I don't expect there will be enough packs/cards to get through 9 innings so this should work out alright).

 Any guesses on what our "team's" final score will be at the end of the box (36 packs)?  Will we be able to beat the team that scores a single run per inning?  We'll find out together!
Silver Signatures:
205.  Chuck Knoblauch
357.  Randy Knorr


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