Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #8: In Which I Learn Upper Deck Hated Lenny Dykstra

This morning I opened up the seventh pack out of my 1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box and pulled a pair of Hideo Nomo cards.  What will the eighth pack bring us?

Pack 8:
67.  Lee Tinsley

Upper Deck was known for images like this back in the 90s.
75.  Tim Salmon
79.  Jim Bullinger
128.  Eric Young
199.  Marty Cordova
268.  Greg Maddux
328.  Raul Mondesi
You Make the Play:  13.  Cecil Fielder (Home Run)

Finally, a useful card for the game!  This card is also pretty clutch for our ongoing game as we just had a walk to Bell last pack.  Fielder's dinger makes it 4 runs and it's still the top of the first (with two outs).

Silver Signatures:
56.  Ben McDonald
251.  Lenny Dykstra

What a terrible photo of Dykstra.  All I can figure is that someone at Upper Deck must have hated Lenny.

There you have it, eight packs done already!  One more and I'll have a full 25% of the box complete...too bad I don't have 25% of the base set complete yet.


Metallattorney said...

To be fair, Lenny Dykstra is pretty detestable these days.

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