Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #18: In Which We Find a Sweet Nomo!

It's kind of hard to believe that the month of January is over today!  For me, January and February are usually the two months that feel the longest...so having January done is a good thing!  Even better, I have a short trip planned for February so that ought to make that month move faster as well (not to mention this isn't a leap year so no extra day in February).

All of that has nothing to do with today's pack - except maybe that it is also hard to believe that I'm about to open pack 18 and after that's done we will only be at the halfway mark for the box!  I love full boxes of cards.

Pack 18:
109.  Thomas Howard
150.  Andre Dawson

I like the tribute cards that Upper Deck scattered about the set.  They are full bleed (much like the All-Star cards and the All Rookie cards) so they stand out from the rest of the base set.  Good stuff.  I will say that it is weird to see Dawson in the Marlin's colors.
167.  James Mouton
178.  Billy Ashley
180.  Hideo Nomo

Speaking of All Rookie cards, here's a sweet one of Nomo.
245.  Dennis Eckersley

You have to love cards that give full career statistics.  Just check out Eck's card back!
277.  Sammy Sosa
You Make the Play:  Randy Johnson (Strikeout, Reach First)
Our third inning is still going strong thanks to a strikeout that didn't end the inning (catcher's error maybe?).  At this point, we have bases loaded and two outs - still up 4-2.
Silver Signatures:
15.  John Wasdin
37.  Orlando Palmeiro

The silver signature cards were sort of busts (we already pulled a silver signature of Palmeiro in this box) but otherwise this was a nice pack.  Now we get to move on to the second half of the box!


Tony Burbs said...

Dawson in teal is definitely a bizarre sight, definitely a stint in the "short term stops" hall of fame.

Hackenbush said...

Looks like Dawson is showing off the logo on his leg. Crabby old man that I am I'll state that I prefer the original teal Marlin design to the subsequent ones.

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