Thursday, February 16, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 504: 1999 Upper Deck MVP - #57

Barry Larkin
Year:  1999
Brand:  Upper Deck MVP
Card number:  57

The 1999 Upper Deck MVP set was an inexpensive set that Upper Deck produced to replace the retired Collector's Choice brand (which was a huge mistake in my book - but then again, I loved Collector's Choice).  Unfortunately, unlike Collector's Choice, the MVP cards were full of foil and busy (i.e. ugly) designs.

Take this Larkin card as an example, the front of the card has wayyyyyy too much stuff going on.  Fonts of all types, in all sorts of directions.  Random circles and dots.  And somewhere, there's even a photograph of Larkin (and the catcher's glove).  Not good.

The back of the card isn't nearly as bad (though it was clear that someone at Upper Deck just learned how to use a compass tool in card design, look at all those unnecessary circles)!  I do appreciate the full career statistics, something Upper Deck usually seems to ignore.

Of course, while I don't particularly care for this card all that much, the worst part is there are three parallels of it to track down (I currently own zero of the parallels).  There is a silver script, a gold script (#/200 hobby only), and a super script (#/25, also hobby only).  There is also a 1999 Upper Deck MVP Preview set that was released in retail only - and Larkin happens to be in that set as well which is basically yet another parallel for Larkin collectors.


The Lost Collector said...

I agree...MVP and then Victory were not great replacements. Took away a good thing for no reason.

Hackenbush said...

Looking at the left side of the front is like looking at the bottom of the screen on CNN. Way to much going on.

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