Wednesday, March 01, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #35: In Which I Strike Gold (for the Third Time)

I'm down to the final two packs in my 1996 box of Upper Deck Collector's Choice.  With only 20 cards remaining to be discovered, I know I'll fall well short of completing the entire base set.  However, with the help of my modest stack of cards that I already owned from the set, I'm hoping that my final want list won't be too long!

Before I can get around to posting that list, I need to finish busting this box.  Here goes another pack!

Pack 35:
31.  Doug Johns
139.  Joe Boever

I'm not sure that I've ever seen these Detroit uniforms before I opened this box (this is the second such time that a Tiger is featured in the uniform from what I've seen so far).
166.  Orlando Miller
250.  Kevin Stocker
324.  Mark McLemore
331.  Chili Davis
344.  Jeff Russell
You Make the Play:  6.  Craig Biggio (Single)
Biggio singles to keep the sixth inning alive.  2 outs, 11-5 score and only one pack remaining.
Silver parallel:
45.  Fred McGriff

This card is only notable because McGriff signed "Frederick" - the first time I've ever seen him referred to by his full name.
Gold Signature:
126.  Paul Sorrento

This is the third gold signature parallel in the box - and I have a feeling a certain blog reader will want this one!


TSHenson said...

Nice looking Sorrento gold card!

Base Card Hero said...

Great gold pull! I opened so much Collector's Choice as a kid. It was always great stuff!

The Angels In Order said...

Frederick McGriff, awesome.

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