Sunday, March 19, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 512: 2000 Fleer Ultra - #157

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Fleer Ultra
Card number:  157

The Fleer Ultra line has long been a hit or miss brand for me.  Some years, I seem to love Ultra while other years are entirely forgettable.  In a weird way, I think the 2000 edition of the brand is the only one which I can say I feel "meh" about.  On the one hand, I do like the bright colors (and the nice photography) but on the other hand I hate the font choice (and the use of foil on the player name).  I also hate how difficult the card number is to read on the backside of the card.

Another thing that I dislike about the 2000 edition of Ultra is that each base card has three parallels - the first two are the usual gold medallion (seeded 1 per pack, these aren't that hard to track down) and a hobby only Platinum Medallion (numbered out of 50 for the base cards).  I've never actually seen a Platinum Medallion card - and so that probably is an indication of how overproduced Ultra was in 2000...(or maybe I only ever bought retail packs of the stuff, that's possible too I guess)!  The final parallel is a Masterpiece parallel (numbered one-of-one) which I'll probably never own.

It's kind of disappointing to realize that there is certainly one, possibly two of the three parallels that I'll probably never own of Barry Larkin in this set.  Even more reason for me to say "meh" when talking about 2000 Ultra.


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