Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 514: 2000 Bowman - #4

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Bowman
Card number:  4

I'm on record multiple times stating that I don't generally care for the Bowman brand of baseball cards.  I've never been into speculating on rookies - and couple that with a design that is generally forgettable (at best) and you have all the ingredients for a set I'll avoid at all costs.  That said, I'm a sucker for each and every new Larkin card - even the Bowman cards!

For my money, the 2000 Bowman set is a perfect example of how forgettable Bowman can be.  I probably scanned this card a year or so ago...and when I loaded the scan to write today's post I thought to myself "have I seen this card before?"

So much gray...coupled with a boring photo that might as well be used by a company that can show team logos...  Just.  Ugh.

Even worse, there are parallels in this set.  Parallels that I don't yet own including a Retro/Future parallel (Larkin is a veteran in the set so he gets the retro treatment) and a gold parallel (the most boring of all Topps parallels, though that one is numbered out of only 99 which means it'll be hard to track down).


Collecting Cutch said...

I wish Bowman still included photos on the back. I feel like that was one nice thing about Bowman that other Topps products didn't offer

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