Sunday, March 26, 2017

Check Out My Cards: Club 3000, Wild Mascots, and a Serially Numbered Larkin!

A week or so ago, I placed an order at Check Out My Cards with the goal of shortening my want list a bit without breaking the bank.  In total, I ended up ordering 25 cards for a final price of $39.19.  That seems sort of steep until you consider that many of the cards that I bought were short prints, inserts, or simply fairly old (and thus hard-to-find via trades)!

I thought it would be fun to slowly show off my haul over the next few days - and we might as well begin with the set that I already mentioned that I bought:  a pair of 2000 Fleer 3000 Club cards.

As I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, I ended up receiving the Steve Carlton card in a surprise I went from having no copies of that card to having two copies in under a week's time.  I'm more than happy to trade away the extra Carlton, especially if the result is me landing one of the other cards that I still need for the set:

2000 Fleer Club 3000 Wants:
Note:  These were seeded in various Fleer brands from 2000.
ULT = Ultra, MYS = Mystique, SHO = Showcase, FOC = Focus
BG Bob Gibson MYS
CR Cal Ripken, Jr. MYS
DW Dave Winfield MYS
LB Lou Brock SHO
NR Nolan Ryan SHO

From there, let's jump to 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter where I was able to nab the final two cards that I needed for the full-sized (retail only) Mascots in the Wild set.

I'm obviously happy to knock off a full set from my want list...and it's even better since it is an Allen & Ginter set (my favorite brand)!  I like the Mascots in the Wild set quite a bit...but I don't particularly like that it was a retail only insert.  Shenanigans like that make me wonder if should even purchase hobby boxes (especially since I don't collect rip cards or most of the "hobby only" stuff).

To finish off today's portion of my COMC haul, here's the only Barry Larkin card I bought:

It's nothing special (though it is serially numbered out of a "mere" 9799).  I didn't own it though, so I bought it since it was cheap!

I'll have more of my haul in the upcoming days - including some more sets that I was able to finish, some minis I needed, and dinosaurs!


Matt Stupienski said...

blah... I still need almost half of those mascots in the wild cards. Nice pick-up though!

Kin said...

I'm working on that Club 3000 set myself after finding a handful of them at a recent card show. If I find any more of them cheap, I'll pick them up in hopes you need them. If you don't, I'll find them a good home!


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