Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Delivery Time! Cards from Blogger Royalty (Cardboard Junkie Edition)

There are a number of awesome baseball card blogs out there - and picking my favorite would be just about impossible.  However, there is a fairly short list of what I would call Baseball Card Blogging Royalty.

Basically, to make that list, you have to have had your blog for quite some time AND you have to add something to the discussion of cards (whether that be researched stories, humor, or simply lots of pictures of baseball cards)!  In my version of Baseball Card Blogging Royalty, Dave from Cardboard Junkie definitely makes the first ballot!

Somewhere around the start of the new year, Dave claimed one of my Trade Stacks.  In return, he sent me a needed Allen & Ginter regular back mini from 2012.

I'm inching ever closer to completing the mini set from that year - only 21 more cards to go!

In addition to the Ginter mini, Dave also threw in a pair of Barry Larkin cards (to go with a smattering of other Reds).  The first one I already owned...

...but the second one is brand new to my collection!

That's a custom Larkin made by Dave himself.

See.  I told you he was royalty.  The rest of us peons can't hope to be that cool or talented!

Thanks Dave, or should I say, your Royal Highness.


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