Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Final Pack of the Box (finally)!

This is it, the final pack out of my 1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box.  I'm sure that's good news for some of you who are sick of seeing these posts...but for me it's sort of bittersweet because this box has been a lot fun to open (but I'm also anxious to see how close I am to the full set).  Before I can get to the collating process, I must rip the final pack.  Here goes nothing!

Pack 36:
30.  Jason Istringhausen
163.  Dave Magadan
208.  Shane Andrews
213.  Mark Grudzielanek

There's a name I haven't thought of in quite some time!
227.  Butch Huskey

Favorite image in the pack.
297.  Roberto Petagine
333.  Benji Gil
You Make the Play:  23.  Don Mattingly (flyout)
Mattingly makes the final out of the inning but it doesn't matter.  We won!
Silver Signatures:
194.  Joe Oliver
288.  Bernard Gilkey

I hope to collate everything from the box (plus what I already owned from the set) and get a proper want list up on my blog before too long.  Until then, it's been fun Upper Deck Collector's Choice!


The Angels In Order said...

I enjoyed those posts. I have a stack of these hopefully I have some you'll need when you get your final tally. And there's a few I need as well.

JediJeff said...

I love the Collector's Choice sets. I need to find a box to rip of this stuff.

Base Card Hero said...

Great series of posts! I loved Collector's Choice as a kid. It was cheap, but had great photos and the silver signatures kept me hooked.

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