Thursday, April 20, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 515: 2000 Fleer E-X - #36

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Fleer E-X
Card number:  36

I'm not saying anything surprising when I say that Fleer produced a lot of cards around the turn of the century.  I can only imagine that the powers that be at Fleer said something like "we seem to be a sinking ship so let's throw everything we got at the wall and see what sticks."  For a player collector, that's kind of neat because you end up with all sorts of different Barry Larkin cards (since he was still playing in the year 2000).  On the other hand, the set collector in me actively cringes at all the different Fleer sets from that era!

The 2000 Fleer E-X set was a hobby-only set.  In total, there are 90 cards in the set - but only 60 base cards (the other 30 are short-printed, serially-numbered prospects).  If it weren't for the awful prospects subset (and how difficult they are to find), I would seriously consider collecting the 2000 E-X set, that's how much I like it (trust me, the scans don't do even this base card justice).  Unfortunately, Fleer made the set too difficult to complete for my blood and so I'll simply be happy with the Larkin card you see above.

Ok, ok.  You got me. It wouldn't be a set from the year 2000 without some sort of parallel, would it?

The Fleer E-X set has a few parallels, though they aren't the easiest to understand how they work.  For example, the Essential Credentials Future parallel (for cards #1 - 60 at least), the print run is determined by subtracting the card number from 61.  Thus, in Larkin's case there are 61 - 36 = 25 cards.  Not to be outdone, the Essential Credentials Now parallel (for cards #1 - 60 at least), the print run is determined by the card number (so Larkin has 36 of those cards in existence).  Probably needless to say, but I don't own either parallel yet.


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This set always looked nice in hand, I thought.

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