Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Delivery Time! Section 36 Returns the Kindness!

Back in January of this year, I took some time and started clicking through the various blogs on my reading list.  At each stop, I searched for that person's want list - and then I searched through my own cards to see if I could offer up anything to the person.  If I had something that person wanted, I dropped them a line (either via Twitter or email) and offered to send the card(s) free of charge or obligation.  It was my way of trying to make everyone's winter a bit cheerier...and I know I love when I get cards in the mail so why not try and make other people's day?

As luck would have it, I probably made it through about a dozen or so people's want lists.  For some people, I had a large stack of cards to send them while in at least a couple of cases I had a single card that I threw in a PWE.  For most people, however, it was small stack - and like all the cards I sent - nothing was expected in return.

One person who I was able to help out was Ron over at the wonderful Section 36.

Ron blogged about his end of the "trade" months ago - but since that time he dropped an envelope for me in the mail (this actually arrived mid-February but I'm way behind on posting my trade envelopes)!

You can read about what I sent Ron here.  To see what he sent me in return, read on!

Ron sent me a stack of assorted Reds - and while I did already own many of them, there was one particular card that stuck out to me as extra cool:

That's a Bowman Heritage card of Adam Dunn doing his best "Field of Dreams" impersonation with the corn field.  I had never seen that card before - and it's awesome!  Easily a keeper for me.

Speaking of keepers, Ron sent along a few other cards that were my want list including the second-to-last Keys to the City insert card that I need from 2015 Allen & Ginter.

Ron also went above and beyond by sending me a trio of Heritage cards from 2014.

I have given up ever buying another pack of Topps Heritage until I finish off the many unfinished Heritage sets that currently reside on my want list.  Ron helped me inch closer to be able to buy a new pack with this envelope.

And, if all of that wasn't enough (and it would have been - Ron's return envelope was way better than anything I sent him), he also hooked me up with some cool Reds relics including a Votto manufactured medallion...

...and a Johnny Bench manufactured patch.

Finally, in what is my first Reds' silk card - here's a manufactured Joe Morgan card from 2013 Topps.

Very cool - and I'm extremely appreciate of Ron's return gesture!

He definitely outdid anything I sent him.  As for me, I do hope to go through more want lists in the near future (probably sometime this summer), so who knows, maybe you'll get the next surprise email saying that "I have some cards for you."

Until then, if you'd like to work out an explicit trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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