Sunday, April 02, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 02: A Card with More than One Player on It

I'm back with another post for the 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge.  I had to cheat a bit on yesterday's topic, but today's topic is one that I should be able to complete on the up-and-up.

Day 02:  A Card with More than One Player on It

My choice for today's topic is a card from one of my favorite card brands:  Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

Oh sure,it's a set aimed squarely at kids - and I certainly loved it as a kid (it was practically the only type of packs of cards that I could afford back then).  I also still love the brand, despite being an adult*

*at least according to my date of birth, perhaps not based on my maturity level.

Anyhow, I always liked the Top of the Charts subset - and getting one with Ken Griffey, Jr. on it is even better.  Seriously though, is there anything more "late 90s" than a card featuring Griffey, Walker, and McGwire?  I think if you swap out Walker for Sosa you'd have the perfect late 90s baseball card.

Interested in what topics are coming up (or perhaps you want to go back through my archives to find the old posts)?  Here's the full list.


Colbey Hopper said...

Great choice. I too loved Collector's Choice back in the day.

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