Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 05: A Certified Autograph of One of My Favorite Players

Today's 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge topic:

Day 05:  A Certified Autograph of One of My Favorite Players

Yesterday's topic was also about one of my favorite players - but I chose to highlight Joey Votto rather than Barry Larkin (which would have been the expected move I imagine).  I won't be nearly as tricky today for two reasons.

1.  I own a few nice Barry Larkin autographs and I am always willing to show off my Larkin collection.
2.  I don't actively collect autographs (besides Larkin) so my certified autograph pile of cards is fairly sparse!

Without further ado, here's what is probably my nicest Barry Larkin autograph that I own.

That's from 2015 Topps Tek - and it's numbered out of 25.  It's called a Clouds Diffractor parallel (since you know Tek is full of all kinds of crazy parallels).  I actually like the card a lot - and Larkin's signature looks great on the card.  One of my all-time favorites for sure!

Here's the rest of the 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge:


Fuji said...

Great looking card! I've always enjoyed collecting on-card autographs. Throw them on acetate and it's damn close to perfection.

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