Sunday, May 28, 2017

30DayBBCChallenge: Day 24: 1960s Oddball Brought to You By the Department of Redundancy Department

Today's 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge prompt is:

A favorite oddball from the 1960s

For me, that's a redundant prompt in that pretty much anything from the 1960s is an oddball in my collection.

To prove my point, all of the cards from the 1950s and 1960s that I currently own fit in less than two nine-pocket pages in my binder.  So yeah, not a lot to choose from for today's prompt!

That said, I do have one card from 1960 that I really do like a lot.  Most people wouldn't consider the base Topps set to be an oddball, but like I said, in my collection it most certainly is!

That's an awesome Sophomore Stalwarts card featuring Jim O'Toole and Vada Pinson.  My favorite part of the card is the write-up on the back.  In part it reads "In the field Vada was just as exciting topping the National League flychasers in putouts and total chances.  Vada has won the hearts of Red rooters with his thrilling never-say-die-playing."

I need to work the word "flychasers" into my daily vocabulary more often...and I should really refer to myself as a Red rooter (though that might sound too much like Roto Rooter).

Anyhow, that's my oddball from the 60s.  At least for the next 30-Day prompt I'll have more choices...

Here are the remaining prompts for the 30-Day Challenge.  I've made good progress so far!


Commishbob said...

Definitely one of the best cards from that set.

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