Monday, May 15, 2017

Contest Winnings from Night Owl: Volume I

Quite some time ago (I think this was back in 2016 actually), Night Owl held some sort of contest that I ended up winning.  It was long enough ago that I no longer remember the details - but the key is, I won!

There were a bunch of "special" cards as prizes (which I'll show off at some point later) but there was also a single, unopened blaster of 2016 Gypsy Queen.

I never did end up buying any 2016 GQ...and since I still haven't bought a single pack of cards from 2017, I figured this is the perfect time to give some love to last year's set.

After all, I have an itch to rip some packs...but money isn't exactly flowing in to me at the moment!

As I often do, I think I'll spread out my pack ripping fun over the span of the week (give or take a bit).  I want to be able to truly enjoy each card - and who knows, maybe this blaster is holding some sort of treasure!

The blaster promises 48 total cards split across 8 packs (i.e. 6 cards per pack if you didn't want to do that arithmetic).  There should be one exclusive short-printed mini base card parallel inside the blaster as well.

Of course, there are rarer goodies possible - I've never pulled a jumbo patch from a blaster - maybe this is the lucky one?  (at 1:16,426 odds, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.)

Enough rambling though, let's get to the first pack of the blaster!

Pack 01:
49.  David Peralta

The first card out of the pack is a Diamondback.  The image seems to be clearer than in previous year's of Gypsy Queen but I still think there is some sort of weird filter effect going on with the image.
128.  Manny Machado
131.  Max Scherzer

The Scherzer card name drops "Pud Galvin" on the backside.  You don't hear the name "Pud" much these days.  #bringbackPud

271.  Miguel Almonte
I don't think this is the "kid" who was like 14 or 15 and pitching in the Little League World Series, is it?
328.  Rod Carew

The Carew is a short printed base card (seeded 1:8 packs or one per blaster).  
Mini:  5.  Albert Pujols

I could have done worse with the first mini of the box!  

Overall, that was a fun pack to rip.  I enjoy opening new (to me) cards - so thank you Night Owl for the opportunity.  I'll have more from this blaster in the upcoming days as I continue to scratch the pack ripping itch!


night owl said...

Don't get too excited. After all, this box was purchased by me.

Brett Alan said...

I opened a blaster of this recently. Highlights of mine were a George Brett SP mini (he's a big PC guy for me, so that was nice) and a Biggio green mini parallel /99. Hope you do better!

JediJeff said...

Do I sort of hear you saying you wouldn't mind some 2016 GQ? I do pick up discounted blasters here and there and may have a few cards laying around I acquired after Tis The Season. I'll have to look. But say the word and I'll send over what I have.

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