Saturday, May 20, 2017

Contest Winnings from Night Owl: Volume V

After a short break yesterday (in which I showed off the 523 different Barry Larkin card in my collection), I'm back to looking at a prize package courtesy of Night Owl Cards.  I'm at the halfway point of my 2016 Gypsy Queen prize blaster - so let's start on the second half of the small box.

Pack 5:
8.  Freddie Freeman

Pretty cool looking card here.  I approve.
123.  George Springer

Another nice card, two-for-two so far!
177.  Ian Kinsler
280.  Nick Ahmed
Mini:  57.  Kolten Wong

I'm awfully good at pulling freakin' Cardinals.
Glove Stories insert:  GS-7.  Mookie Betts

Kind of a cool looking card here as well.  Some of those fans are forever immortalized on cardboard - I wonder if any of them are aware of it?


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