Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Contest Winnings from Night Owl: Volume II

Yesterday, I began going through a prize package courtesy of a Night Owl Cards contest that I won some time ago.  Today, it's time to look at the next pack out of the 2016 Gypsy Queen blaster that made up the bulk of my prize!

Pack 2:
37.  John Lackey

For whatever reason, the bright blue on this card looks quite nice to me.
46.  Jordan Zimmerman
140.  Andrew Miller
160.  Paul Goldschmidt

I drafted Goldy with my first pick in this year's fantasy baseball league that I'm in.  He's been solid, though mostly overshadowed at the 1B position by Ryan Zimmerman (who I grabbed from free agency).
263.  Max Kepler
Purple Mini:  1.  Giancarlo Stanton (#206/250)

Woah!  A numbered mini from a blaster!  The purple minis are 1:14 packs, so they aren't all that rare but still, this was a pleasant surprise (especially pulling a good player, even though I'm not sure there is a single Marlins baseball card collector out there in the entire world).

Another fun pack - so far Gypsy Queen is impressing me (though I'll never fully get over the fact that there are no stats whatsoever to be found in this product).


Doe M.G. said...

When was Lackey ever 21? Error card?

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