Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 Panini Diamond Kings: Box Break Statistics

I finished off the 2017 Panini Diamond Kings box earlier today (go check my archives in order to see the video of the box break and the final few packs).  

For tonight, I thought it might be useful for other people out there if I went through the contents of the box in a more general sense.  This is especially important for box breakers because Panini did not offer any sort of pack odds or insertion ratios (other than a general line saying inserts fall about one per pack).

Here's how we did with our box:
12 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

Regular base cards:  62
Base card variations:  9
Base card short prints:  6
Regular gray framed parallels:  3
Variation gray framed parallel:  1
Red framed parallel (#/99):  1
Heritrage Collection inserts:  3
Aurora inserts:  3
Memorable Moments inserts:  2
DK Originals inserts:  3
DK Originals Blue Holo (#/25):  1
Dual relic:  1
Dual relic and autograph (#/299):  1

As you can see, you get a bunch of cool stuff in a single box (despite boxes only having 12 packs).  The base set is 175 cards in size though - so getting 62 regular cards plus 6 short prints (total of 68 cards) towards a base set means putting together the entire set will be a tough task if done by buying boxes.  There are a total of 25 variation cards in the set as well - 9 showed up in our box (though I should say it is possible that I missed one).

Overall, I was happy with the box.  It was especially nice from a group break host's perspective since a lot of different teams landed inserts, variations, and/or short prints.  It's always nice when the goodies get spread out across many different teams.  

That does it for this box, though now that the entire thing has been opened I am curious as to what you thought of the box and/or the set itself.  Feel free to chime in!


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