Friday, June 23, 2017

And So It Begins: The Final Group Break Box! (2017 Topps Archives Box #2)

I am happy to report that the group break is almost over - and you should all be receiving your haul in the near future (if you haven't already since I am a bit ahead of schedule in terms of writing the posts)!  Before we get to the first few packs out of the final 2017 Topps Archives box, I'd like to thank everyone for their support - and for following along with the break.  As always, if I can ever do anything better, feel free to email me your suggestions.

And now, let's get to the final box!

Packs 1 - 3:

Pack 1:
25.  David Dahl - Rockies
34.  Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox
55.  Fernando Valenzuela - Dodgers
106.  Fergie Jenkins - Cubs
162.  Roger Maris - Cardinals
203.  Yasmani Grandal - Dodgers
298.  Addison Russell - Cubs
Rookie Stars:  RS-10.  Alex Bregman - Astros

The Astros (and thus Bru) get on the board early in this box by scoring the first insert we've found.

Pack 2:
45.  Javier Baez - Cubs
57.  Albert Pujols - Angels
98.  Jake Lamb - Diamondbacks
104.  Bert Blyleven - Indians
175.  Sandy Koufax - Dodgers
179.  Early Wynn - Indians
289.  Aroldis Chapman - Yankees
296.  Carlos Carrasco - Indians

The Carrasco card is a perfect example of a "new" 1992 Topps card.  Wonderfully done by Topps.

Pack 3:
32.  Juan Gonzalez - Rangers
82.  Mike Piazza - Dodgers
123.  Gary Sanchez - Yankees
171.  Kevin Pillar - Blue Jays
211.  Starling Marte - Pirates
287.  Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks
291.  Hunter Dozier - Royals
Bazooka:  59B-4.  Yulieski Gurriel - Astros

Another nice card for Bru and the Astros!  Houston cleaned up in the first three packs out of the box.  Of course, we still have two hits remaining to be uncovered, plus plenty of other goodies.  Stay tuned for more soon!


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