Monday, June 12, 2017

Group Break: 2017 Topps Archives - Box #1: Packs 13 - 15 (Parallel Madness!)

Happy Monday morning, everyone!  Today is the last day of "official work" for me for the summer.  I have one more meeting (a sort of follow-up meeting for the class trip that I went on a couple of weeks ago).  Once that is done, then it's freedom*!

*Lesson plans and getting student schedules together notwithstanding.

Anyhow, in honor of my soon-to-be freedom, how about we keep ripping open the first of two 2017 Topps Archives boxes?!

Box 1:
Pack 13:
3.  Earl Weaver - Orioles
65.  Stephen Strasburg - Nationals
84.  Carson Fulmer - White Sox
102.  Carlos Correa - Astros
187.  Jason Kipnis - Indians
189.  Jeurys Familia - Mets
204.  Warren Spahn - Braves

295.  Whitey Herzog - Royals

Pack 14:
50.  Hank Aaron - Braves
96.  Bruce Sutter - Cubs
126.  Jacoby Ellsbury - Yankees
156.  Maikel Franco - Phillies
218.  Aaron Boone - Yankees
221.  Jacoby Jones - Tigers
250.  Bryce Harper - Nationals
Soft Red parallel:  120.  Dexter Fowler - Cardinals (#07/25)

Wow, a nice hit for the Cardinals (and thus for B-Man).  The soft red parallels are tough to find (seeded 1:110 packs) and they are numbered out of a mere 25 copies.  I think the red parallels look particularly good for teams with red in their jerseys (such as the Cardinals).  Congrats!

Pack 15:
31.  David Price - Red Sox
47.  Jeff Hoffman - Rockies
80.  Max Scherzer - Nationals
138.  Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers

193.  Tony Clark - MLBPA Executive Director
217.  Kole Calhoun - Angels
235.  Chris Sale - Red Sox
Peach parallel:  37.  Jon Gray - Rockies (# 096/199)

Two packs, two parallels.  Not bad at all.  This is the Rockies second peach parallel from the box!  Congrats goes out to Adam K., hopefully that last minute decision to grab the Rockies is looking like a better and better idea now.

That's it for that round of packs - certainly not a bad trio given two nice serially numbered parallels.  I'm enjoying this box of Archives quite a bit, but I'm curious as to what all of you think of the set?


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