Thursday, June 01, 2017

So Uh...What'cha Collecting?

For the year 2017, I feel like I've been a pathetic baseball card collector.  More accurately, I've been pathetic when it comes to collecting sets released in 2017...  In fact, I have yet to buy a single card, pack, or box from a 2017 release.  For awhile, it was easy for me to keep track of what was out there.
First, there was Topps' flagship.  I've tried to get into the flagship set the past couple of years without much luck - I think I managed to collect Series 1 but gave up on Series 2 almost immediately in both cases.  This year, I didn't even bother with Series 1.

Next, I guess was Opening Day, though if you aren't going to collect the flagship set I don't know why you'd consider Opening Day.  Moving right along.

Topps Heritage came out - and while I think that set is as good as it always is, I'm frustrated with the brand overall.  The sheer amount of short prints is upsetting to a set collector like me - and I've promised to not collect any new Heritage sets until I (finally) finish off some of the older Heritage sets that I'm still working on (such as 2014, 2011, 2009, or 2008).

After that, the sets seemed to be released without me necessarily realizing it.  I think I completely missed a rather nice looking Gypsy Queen release.  I'm sure there was at least one high end set released since the start of the year as well, but I'll probably never have the spare cash to shell out for that stuff.

All that leads me to what I read on the blogs today, apparently 2017 Topps Archives is a thing that's out now.  Oh sure, it's not out in my local Wal-Mart (I checked) but the set is apparently out elsewhere.

And so I ask, what are you collecting in 2017?  Did you collect one of the sets that I mentioned above?  Are you waiting for something else?  Did I miss something?  Is Panini baseball still a thing?

Seriously, I want to know.  Help me be a better baseball card collector in the year 2017.  Topps will thank you if nothing else.


RAZ said...

I have sampled most of the lower-end Topps products this year. I think I bought some Donruss, too, from Panini. Most of my box breaks for the year have been older cards and/or cards from other sports or non-sports stuff.

I will probably buy a factory set of Topps, enough Topps Update to get the full set, any First Pitch insert sets that release, and a box of Allen & Ginter for Gint-a-Cuffs. That's probably about it for baseball this year, outside of the occasional Topps Now card or singles for player collections. Outside of baseball, I'll probably buy some Star Wars stuff, the next Cryptozoic DC Comics set, some wrestling and UFC cards, and original art and sketches.

night owl said...

Topps Bunt!

Anonymous said...

I concur with Night Owl... Give Topps Bunt a try. It's a small checklist, but the base design is colorful and appealing, plus you can't beat the price point.

John Sharp said...

I have some Topps Series 1, Heritage, and Gypsy Queen, and I totally agree about the short prints...way, way to many.

I may dive into a box of Topps Bunt at just $30.

GCA said...

Yep, definitely Bunt. And now you have three trade sources for what you don't get in packs or boxes!

Kin said...

I'm not a baseball guy. However, I have over 150 blogs on my reading list and most are baseball-centric. I see everything. I love the design of Gypsy Queen and am actually (passively) putting that set together.

sothea hy said...

I love the design of Gypsy Queen and am actually (passively) putting that set together.
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