Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Final Group Break Post! (Packs 22 - 24 plus Video)!

This is it everyone, the last of the group break posts!

Update:  I mailed the final three group break packages on 6/22 so hopefully everyone either has their cards in hand by now (or you will within a day or so)!

First up, here's the video for the entire 2017 Topps Archives box break.  Do note that I didn't realize that I had pulled a rare (1:110 packs) variation at the time of the video.  You can find a closer scan of the card back in my blog archives if you'd like.

Now, let's get to the final few packs:

Pack 22:
20.  Jonathan Lucroy - Rangers
70.  Ichiro - Marlins
107.  Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies
168.  Orlando Arcia - Brewers
178.  Edwin Encarnacion - Indians
223.  Jose Abreu - White Sox
264.  Kyle Schwarber - Cubs
Fan Favorite Autograph:  Light Blue parallel:  FFA-JE.  Jim Edmonds - Cardinals  (#64/75)

Woah, that's an awesome hit for the Cardinals (who cleaned house in this break).  The light blue parallel autographs are seeded 1:146 packs)!

Pack 23:
7.  Billy Hamilton - Reds
38.  Luis Aparicio - White Sox
165.  Wade Davis - Cubs
170.  Nelson Cruz - Mariners
215. Tyler Austin - Yankees
265.  Randy Johnson - Expos
278.  Tom Seaver - Reds
Bazooka:  59B-20.  Mike Trout - Angels

A nice card for the Angels, I like the Bazooka cards a lot actually.

Pack 24:
5.  Tony Perez - Reds
59.  Rollie Fingers - Athletics
95.  Don Mattingly - Yankees
114.  Jose De Leon - Rays
184.  Teoscar Hernandez - Astros
241.  Justin Verlander - Tigers
257.  T.J. Rivera - Mets

292.  Adam Wainwright - Cardinals

And that does it for the group break!  I hope everyone had fun - and I hope everyone is happy with their hauls.  I may do another break later in the if there is a product (or products) you would like to see me open, let me know via the comments below!


Trevor P said...

Thanks, Chris! I got my package yesterday with all the extras you threw in. It was awesome.

B Man said...

Again many thanks Chris, I assumed I wouldn't do well 'cause the Cardinals suck. Figured I would with the Dodgers

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