Sunday, July 23, 2017

2017 Allen & Ginter: Box 4: Packs 9 - 16

I pulled an autograph in the first eight packs out of box #4.  What else could be in store for us?

Box 4:
Packs 9 - 16:

Once again, we start with the fish cards because I like them a lot.

In my opinion, those are some of the best full-sized inserts that Topps has done for Allen & Ginter in quite some time.  The fronts are well designed and the backs are informative.  Good stuff all around!

I haven't scanned most of the base minis that I've pulled this year, but I do think that this black bordered Frank Thomas is worth the effort to show off!

It's not a short print or anything, but I thought the black bordered looked good with Thomas' black White Sox hat.  I also like the bits of blue behind the black border.

The middle packs of the box produced a pair of mini inserts for me (yay!).  The first is the Machinist Dude from the World's Dudes set.

I like this set a lot - and I can't wait until I own all 45 cards in it (so if you have any for trade, hit me up as I am missing the vast majority of the cards still)!

The other mini insert was from the Magicians & Illusionists set.

I can't say that this set interests me as much as the World's Dude set (or even the Fish set).  However, I'm a sucker for most things Allen & Ginter so I will be chasing, however foolish that may be.

And finally, we found our second hit of the box - a relic of Justin Verlander.

That does it for the middle packs.  Only eight packs remain in this box and then it is on to the fifth and final box that I bought.


John Sharp said...

That Verlander relic is awesome! Go Tigers!

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