Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 2 - Part 3

Welcome back to the final part of the second (of five) boxes of 2017 Allen & Ginter.  This box happened to be one of the hot boxes full of shiny base cards...but unfortunately for me, Barry Larkin wasn't one of the included base cards in my hot box.

I did, however, get a few cool cards to end the box with - including my first no number mini from 2017.

Tyler Naquin isn't the biggest name in the set, but at 1:85 packs, I'll still take it!

I also get a pair of mini inserts including my first Magicians & Illusionists card.

Pamela Colman Smith was the person who illustrated the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.  Pretty cool stuff to learn.

My other mini insert was another World's Dude card.

The Circus Clown Dude isn't as cool as some of the others that I've pulled, but it is still a nice retro insert card.

Two more fish cards to show off (just because I love that set).

And we end on the fourth (!) hit of the box (or maybe silk cards don't count as hits).  Anyhow, it's a relic of Gary Stevens - horse racing jockey.

That is it for the second box.  Kind of fun to open a hot box but without landing the Larkin base card it felt a little lacking to me.  I'm also a bit worried that missing out on all the "regular" base cards will hurt me in my quest to complete the base set in only five boxes.  We shall see what happens I guess...  More Ginter goodies to come soon!


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