Friday, July 21, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 536: 1989 Kahn's - #11

Barry Larkin
Year:  1989
Brand:  Kahn's
Card number:  11

As a Barry Larkin collector who lives 10+ hours away from Cincinnati, I don't get a lot of access to stadium giveaway cards...and since Kahn's has released a Reds team set pretty much every year of Larkin's playing career, that means I have a lot of somewhat tough-to-find (but ultimately worthless) cards to track down!

I will say, for a low budget set the card looks pretty darn good.  The front looks like something I might design if I knew even the bare minimum of how to use Photoshop...but ultimately it gets the job done.  I like the full statistics on the back (at least in Larkin's case, it could be a happy coincidence that there are only five years of data for Larkin at that point in time).  The Kahn's logo is also present, but not omnipresent which is good.

All told, this is a nice oddball card for my collection - and it marks the beginning of me going back through some of the earlier years of Larkin cards and trying to fill in some holes in my collection.


Reds Card Collector said...

Kahn's is definitely one of the best odd ball sets out there. I was shocked when I was chasing the 1987 set since that included Larkin's rookie card. The cheapest one I could find after waiting years to locate one was $70!

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