Wednesday, July 05, 2017

It's Like Christmas in July! (Bleedin' Brown and Gold)

Back in December (yes, December), I received a surprise Christmas package from Duff over at Bleedin' Brown and Gold.  After opening the package, I set it aside with the intent to blog about it after sending Duff something nice in return.

Well, it took me a lot longer than I wanted (turns out I don't own much in the way of cool or interesting Padres stuff)...but thankfully I was able to send a return package his way back in early May.  Now, it's July and I am finally able to hit "publish" on this post that is 6+ months in the making!

Duff's wonderful package included a nice Christmas card...

...and a couple of minifigures including an unopened package of LEGO Disney minifigures (a set I was working on back in late 2016)!

The mystery figure?  None other than Aladdin, one of my favorite Disney movies from my childhood!

Thanks a million for the great holiday package, Duff (and sorry it took me so long to get this posted).
On the bright side, I am down to only two more yellow envelopes sitting on my desk that I need to post on the blog - though both are mail days from back in December (much like today's package).  In the vocabulary of computer scientists, I often find my mail day posts are FILO, that is, First In, Last Out since they get buried on the bottom of the stack.  No worries though, I have made it my mission to get all caught up on my mail before mid-July.  It WILL happen!


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