Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More 2017 A&G: WalMart Blasters (x3)!

As you probably know, I love Allen & Ginter...but I don't love it enough to fork over $125 for another hobby box (which is the going rate at the moment).  So, I ventured to my local WalMart and as luck would have it, they had three blasters of 2017 A&G in stock.

Not wanting to let a good thing pass me by, I grabbed all three (along with some groceries and other items) and called it a day.  Since I was hoping to get something cool from the blasters, I recorded myself ripping all three in one video.  

Truth be told, not a lot cool.  *shrug emoji*

Although I didn't strike it rich, I did get a few nice cards for my set including the first three Horse in the Race minis!

If you have any Ginter for trade, please check out my want list as I am still needing a lot of cards!

For those wondering, here is the final tally of how I managed to do with my three blasters...

Note:  The number in parenthesis is the number of cards that I pulled that I actually needed for my set out of the total number I was missing at the time.

Base cards:  84 - including 5 duplicates  (9/47)
Base short prints:  12 (2/4)
Revolutionary Battles:  2 (0/0)
Sport Fish & Fishing Lures:  5  (0/2)
World's Fair:  5  (0/1)
What a Day!:  12  (4/53)
Constellations:  1 (1/8)
Magicians & Illusionists:  1 (0/11)
Horse in the Race:  3 (3/25)
World's Dudes:  2 (1/35)

I also ended up with 8 regular minis, 2 regular mini short prints, 5 A&G back minis, 1 A&G back mini short print, and 1 black bordered mini.

Overall, I landed 20 new cards for my set, 9 of which were inserts of some sort.  I guess that's not terrible, but it definitely wasn't worth the $60 I spent either.  On the bright side, I do have plenty of trade bait now...


John Sharp said...

That A&G Cabrera card, the skinny one, is awesome!

John Sharp said...

And then you pull another Miggy!

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