Sunday, July 02, 2017

My First Cards (for me) of 2017: Topps Archives Blaster

In June, I held my first group break of 2017 which allowed me to open up my first boxes of baseball cards from 2017.  However, those don't really count as my boxes since the contents went out to all of the group break participants.  

Instead, I can officially say that this blaster of 2017 Topps Archives (which I only bought because I enjoyed the two boxes we opened for the group break so much) is my first bit of baseball cards for 2017.  Let's hope the blaster makes my $20 decision worthwhile!

As you can probably see from the photo, each blaster contains 7 packs plus two bonus Topps coins. 

In an effort to not overload a single post with too many images, let's crack open the first three packs right now (plus the coins).

Baseball Coins:
C-4.  Mookie Betts
C-10.  Justin Verlander

Alright, I have to admit that these coins don't interest me in the slightest.  If anyone wants them, let me know!

Pack 1:
25.  David Dahl
70.  Ichiro
115.  Andy Pettitte
153.  Frank Thomas
186.  Monte Irvin
232.  Lou Boudreau
281.  Charlie Blackmon
Light blue parallel:  275.  Alex Bregman #37/75

That's a great start to the blaster - a whole bunch of new base cards for my set plus the gorgeous blue parallel of Bregman.  The light blue parallels are seeded 1:46 retail packs, so I definitely lucked out here with my one blaster (and the first pack opened no less)!

Pack 2:
34.  Carl Yastrzemski
55.  Fernando Valenzuela
136.  Rob Manfred
173.  Carlos Martinez
214.  Seung-Hwan Oh
222.  Matt Carpenter
234.  Ian Kinsler
Bazooka  59B-13.  Al Kaline

Well, for as great as the first pack was this pack was pretty much a dud (since I had the Tigers as one of my group break teams and we pulled that same Kaline insert during the break).  However, I did need every single one of the base cards in that pack so no real complaints (especially since my goal is only to build the base set this year).

Pack 3:
10. Rio Ruiz
23.  Honus Wagner
48.  Jim Palmer
143.  Willson Contreras
152.  Victor Martintez
172.  Rich Hill
268.  Andrew McCutchen
294.  Joey Votto

Somehow, in the two boxes of Archives that we opened, we didn't get that Votto.  Well, now I have it!

I must say, that Bregman might be the highlight of the blaster so far - but for me I love that Votto.  I also love that every single base card was new to my collection...that's a huge help in terms of getting closer to completing my set of Archives.  

I'll open the final four packs from the blaster shortly, stay tuned!


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