Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Last of the 2016 Christmas Cards (Part II)

Yesterday, I began going through the pair of Christmas envelopes that arrived courtesy of David.  Since it's now July (and the packages arrived last December), I think it is high time I show off all the awesome goodies.  Yesterday's post had a lot of neat stuff in it...but I think I can top that with what I grabbed from the envelopes to show off today!

First up, one of the best things I can get in a trade package - new Barry Larkin cards!

Both of the above Larkins are serially numbered (one to 699 and the other to 199).  I don't own all that many serially numbered Larkins so this is a great haul for me.  However, David wasn't done yet.  Actually, far from it!

Also included were four pink parallels from Topps Chrome.

I think the Reds look pretty good in the shiny pink bordered cards.  The color suits their uniforms better than something like green or yellow for sure.

I showed off a lot of autographs in yesterday's post, but it wasn't all of them.  David threw in a pair of Daniel Corcino autos from Topps Finest.

They are suitably shiny...though perhaps not as shiny as this awesome Billy Hamilton Perspectives card from Topps Chrome!

Thats' a great looking card.

And finally, we end today's post with this truly awesome looking black bordered parallel fo Marlon Byrd (numbered out of a mere 64).

All told, that is an amazing amount of awesome cards courtesy of David...and would you believe that I'm still not yet done going through the package?  That's right, there's still more including some more autographs and another appearance (or two) by Barry Larkin.  More to come soon!


Matt Stupienski said...

Holy wow. This guy David really went all-out. Some really great stuff so far!

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