Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Last of the 2016 Christmas Cards (Part III)

Earlier this week, I spent a couple of posts looking through a massive pair of envelopes that blog reader David sent me back in December.  Today, I'm going to finish the tour through the packages - and with that, I can officially say that I am all caught up on trade packages.  It may have taken me six months or so, but I did it!  (Just in time for Allen & Ginter trade season too!)

We will start our tour through the last of the cards from David with this awesome Donruss Billy Hamilton autograph, complete with redemption card.

Like most things Billy does, it looks like he "signs" his name quickly....just a "B" and an "H" and some lines where he's basically saying "fill it in yourself."  Also, doesn't the photo of Hamilton look more like it could simply be just about any ballplayer?  Having a card so devoid of logos is, and probably forever will be, somewhat off-putting to me.  Still, I like getting cool autographs and Billy Hamilton is a player for which I don't own many signatures!

Next, a player that I do own a lot of cards of (but never enough):  Barry Larkin

David helped my Larkin collection quite a bit (I've already shown off some of the other Larkins he sent my way).  As with all of my Larkins, the cards will eventually be featured in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series.

From a Reds' great of my lifetime to an all-time Reds great:  Johnny Bench.

First up, this cool Field Access insert from Stadium Club.

I don't believe I ever saw that card before.  It's definitely a candid shot, but I like it.

From completely candid and organic to something completely about a "class ring" card of Johnny Bench?

This card is super thick - and it celebrates Bench's rookie class year of 1967.  I didn't own this one so it's another great addition to my collection (even if it will prove to be a pain in the butt to store).

And finally, we have reached the final card that I scanned (truth be told, there were probably two or three more posts' worth of cards in the trade package but I had to draw the line somewhere)!

That's Ankylosaur from the 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs set - a set that I am still working on completing (I need cards from both the base set and some of the various insert sets still).  The card is a great way for me to sneak in a bit of commentary about coming attractions to my blog.  You see, for most of last week I ripped (and posted) about another box of 2015 UD Dinosaurs.  However, rather than flood the blog with posts during the summer, I have actually scheduled all the posts to run in November (a part of the year where I have a difficult time finding many opportunities to blog).
Just a hint of what's to come in November, 2017.

How's that for thinking ahead this year?

And with that, I am all caught up on trade packages.  Many, MANY thanks to David who sent me an amazing pair of packages.  I'll probably never be able to top those in return for him, but I'll certainly try if/when the cards align properly.  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list (complete with 2017 Topps Archives wants on it now).


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