Sunday, August 13, 2017

Autograph in the Mail: 2017 A&G Edition!

Yesterday, I received back my TTM autograph request from Michal Kapral (the joggler from this year's A&G set).  You may recall that Michal completed an interview with me a couple of weeks ago (check it out here, especially if you are interested in how an Allen & Ginter card gets made)!

My hope is to eventually get enough different A&G autographs on base cards to fill the 5x4 baseball card display case that I have hanging on my wall.  I think it'd be pretty cool to fill the case with simply A&G autographs from various years - and ideally all of the subjects will have some sort of meaning to me (such as Kapral's since he reached out to me on the blog).

Thanks again for the autograph - now I need to track down another copy of Kapral's base card for my set binder since I had to send him the only copy I had!


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