Friday, August 04, 2017

Delivery Time! Bubba's the Best!

This year, I was only able to set aside enough cash to buy five boxes of Allen & Ginter (a far cry from my days of buying a full case).  Luckily for me, other people also bought some Allen & Ginter...and some of those people trade with me!  One of my best A&G traders year in and year out is Matt from Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits.

This year is no exception to the awesomeness that is Matt.  In fact, this year might have been even better than usual since the trade is actually part trade, part prize package since I won one of Matt's Ginter contests (I correctly guessed who the #1 card in the set would be this year).

Matt helped me get almost all of the base cards that I still needed for my set.  Hard to believe that with five boxes I couldn't complete the base set on my own...and in fact, I wasn't really even all that close!  I'm much closer to completing the base now though - only three more to go!

Moving on to the inserts, Matt actually finished off my Fish set (which I love).

I will definitely have more to say about the full fish set at a future date.

Matt also finished off my World's Fair set.

I was also able to land a few more of the What a Day cards, though truth be told I'm still not anywhere close to completing that set.

And last, but certainly not least, Matt had three mini inserts that I needed including a pair of Required Reading cards and another Bust a Move card.

Given all of that, you'd think that must be it...right?  Nope, Matt had two more surprises for me.  The first was the final mini of the package - a Barry Larkin A&G back mini which I definitely needed!

The biggest surprise though?  It was also a Larkin card...but not just any Larkin.  A rip card Larkin!

Oh sure, the card has already been ripped...but I'm still happy to add this one to my collection (though it does beg the question as to whether I should also try to acquire an unripped version of Larkin's rip card).

I'm leaning to "no" on the unripped version, by the way.

Thanks for the great trade Matt!  And, if anyone else has some Ginter they want to send my way - check out my want list and make an offer (and if you need some Ginter yourself, I have a full page of trade bait)!


Matt Stupienski said...

Wooo!!!!!! Glad you appreciated it!

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