Saturday, August 05, 2017

eBay Wins: Ginter Minis & Shiny Ginter!

I participated in a group break on eBay last week - unlike breaks that I hold, this one was a player specific break.  I ended up winning the Barry Larkin slot and the Joey Votto slot, along with the slot for the World's Dudes.  It was a single case break and while I didn't hit anything "good" per se, I was still able to nab the hot box shiny version of Barry Larkin and Joey Votto (and Billy Hamilton which was a free throw-in).

I did much better on the World's Dudes set - the case yielded 26 total minis and I needed most of them which was great.  I'll show off the entire World's Dudes set once I am able to finish it, but for now, here's a sampling of some of the cards that I won.

And finally, the seller threw in one more surprise for me.

That's one of the oldest stamped "rediscover Topps" cards that I've seen...and it's a Red to boot!

Not a bad haul, though I know that I definitely overpaid for the slots (especially since no base cards were included in the auction which I didn't realize the seller considered minis base cards).  That was disappointing since my plan was to hopefully land some of Larkin's various mini variations.

Oh well, live and learn.  At the very least, I was able to make some significant progress on my World's Dudes set so that's something.


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