Delivery Time! Diamond Jester's Time Traveling Program

Matt, from the Diamond Jesters blog, recently started up a "Time Traveling" program which intrigued me.  The basic premise is that he opened up a pack of 2018 Topps full of cards he didn't want.  He made them all available with the only rule that you had to send him back something from before 2018.  Actually, I think he said it had to be pre-1980 or something like that to avoid the dreaded junk wax era. 

As luck would have it, Matt's pack happened to contain one card that I still needed for my 2018 Topps you better believe I pounced on it quickly so that I could inch a card closer to my own set. 

So what did I send him in return?  Well, I sent off a pair of 1971 duplicate Reds cards from my collection - hopefully those will in turn become even better for Matt as he is continuing to trade away his newly acquired "old" cards for even older cards from someone else.  It's definitely a fun little experiment!

Thanks for the simple trade and fun idea Matt.  As for anyone else, I'm still working on 2018 Topps (plus a plethora of other sets) so if you'd like to trade with me be sure to check out my want list and then make an offer!


  1. Thanks for the trade! I should have checked your want list before sending the card out. I'll be sending you an email soon to knock a few more off your want list!


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