Better Know a Blogger: The Return!! (Sign-up now!)

Back in 2014, I hosted the Better Know a Blogger series where I basically created a list of questions and then invited any interested bloggers to email me their answers.  From there, I wrote up individual posts for each person and ended up with some truly great reading (seriously, check out my recap from 2015 here).

Now that's 2019, many of the original bloggers featured back in 2014 aren't active any more (and many new faces have joined the blog-o-sphere since then) which means it's definitely time for:

Even Better Know a Blogger

So, today's post is simple:

If you'd like to be a featured blogger in Even Better Know a Blogger (2019 edition), shoot me an email and I'll send you the questionnaire.  All you have to do is type up your answers to each question and email me your answers.  Once I get enough responses, I'll start posting people's answers and hopefully we will all learn something about each other!   If you don't have my email, you can find it at the top of this page.

Feel free to share this post with others on your blog, the more the merrier!

PS:  The majority of the questions this time around will be all new so even if you participated last time around I'd invite you to join in again so that we can all even better get to know you!