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Nacho Grande's 2019 Season of Giving: The SIGN-UPS ARE LIVE!

It's time to sign up for my 2019 Season of Giving!  Like I did in 2017, I'm hosting a giveaway of sorts where you simply have to fill out the form below and then wait for me to send you baseball cards.

You don't have to send me anything in return, but if you feel inclined I would happily take anything from my want list OR anything LEGO related (I've really gotten back into LEGO now that my son is starting to enjoy my train layout with me).

Anyhow, the sign-up is super easy, just fill out the form below.  If I am able to find something I think you'd like based on the information you provide me, I'll be sure to send out a gift to you.  My goal is to start mailings by early December though (depending on interest), it's possible my mailings will extend beyond December 25.  Still, I'll do my best to mail everything prior to then!


  1. Signed up, thanks! Should be fun!

  2. Thanks, Chris! I signed up and I'll be returning the favor in December with some Christmas cards.

  3. Thanks, much appreciated!
    I'll surely look around and see what I can do. 🎅

  4. Thanks for doing this Chris.

  5. Awesome, thanks! I’ll keep a look out at the next card show for something to send back

  6. I signed up as well, many thanks! I will have to keep you in mind when I have access to all my cards again!


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