GROUP BREAK: 2020 Panini Diamond Kings Box Break - VIDEO and RECAP

Here's the video replay for the 2020 Panini Diamond Kings group break box.  I think we did quite well overall!

I included a bunch of random "bonus" packs at the beginning of the video and then we ripped through the 2020 Panini Diamond Kings box.  Here are some of the highlights!

We'll start with the base short prints.  When I ripped the box, I didn't bother flipping over every single card to see if it was a short print.  In this set, short prints are easy to find - they are cards numbered 101 - 170.  

As you can see, the short print section of the base set includes both superstars and rookies that make you go "who's that?"  Or at least, that's what I did when I see guys like Kay or Thorpe that I've never heard of.

My favorite non-hit insert card of the break has to be the one Downtown insert we pulled.

That's Yadier Molina of the Cardinals (congrats madding) and I love, love, love this card design.  For what it is worth, it appears that the Downtown cards are actually a case hit!  I didn't realize that during the group break video but that's why I promised to do some research while crafting the recap post.  There is a single Reds player in this set (Aristides Aquino) and I'd love to get a hold of that card for my collection!

It's always exciting to pull a case hit when you buy a single box of cards - so congrats again to madding for pulling my favorite designed card of the entire break!

In addition to the case hit, we pulled a smattering of other inserts but I won't bother scanning all of them (that's what the recap video is for).  The good news is that the inserts were spread across many different teams so most people will walk away with something kind of cool from the break.

Our relic in the box was actually a dual relic of Willi Castro for the Detroit Tigers.

Congrats goes out to Julie who claimed the Tigers and is now the proud (hopefully?) owner of this DK Materials dual relic #63/99.  This is a Holo Silver parallel and it features a really nice bit of cloth with a stitched on pinstripe on top.  I don't know a darn thing about Mr. Castro here but the card is nifty!

Our second hit was without a doubt a true highlight for just about any box of Diamond Kings...

This beauty is a  DK 206 Signature card of Pete Alonso for the New York Mets.

That's a Holo Gold parallel autograph # 45/50!  A huge congrats to Brett Alan who had the Mets in this break.  Heck, if Brett doesn't want this card he could probably flip it on eBay for about $80-$90 based on recent auctions that have ended.  Not bad for a $3 team slot!!  That's what we all dream about I think when we join in group breaks so it's fun to see that dream come true for someone in one of my breaks!  


  1. Didn’t Dub on Twitter pull this same Alonso auto a few weeks back? Your one box was much better than the two I opened. Congrats to everyone!

    1. This ended up being a great box! I had no idea about the Downtown case hits but the card is gorgeous in hand! Most teams did well in the break though I was glad I threw in the extra packs for a few of the teams!

    2. Not bad at all! I had never seen one of those Downtown inserts and didn't know they were doing it in baseball. I guess the case hit thing explains it. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Ho. Lee. Shit!

    My goodness, I thought it would be years before there were enough Alonso autos out there that I would find one I could afford. Nice to know I could flip it for that much if I wanted to, but that is going right into the very first slot of my current Mets stars binder, and it's not leaving. LOVE it! Thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations Brett!


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