2021 Blog Resolutions: Check-In #1

 It's hard to believe that two months have already gone by in 2021 but that's what the calendar tells me is true.  As in the previous couple of years, I like to take stock of my progress on my various New Year's Resolutions every couple of months and since we've now completed two months in 2021 let's see how I'm doing to date.

1:  Barry Larkin Collection

The goal is to get to 850 posts by the end of 2021.  I was sitting at 777 posts at the start of 2021...and late last week I wrote Larkin post #790 for a gain of 13 posts in two months.  I will probably have to up the number of appearances of Barry Larkin Collection posts soon if I'm going to meet my goal but it certainly still seems within reach right now.

2:  Trading

The goal was to get back 100 completed trades in 2021.  Thanks to a couple of super active months on TCDB, I'm already nearing 50 trades for the year!  I feel fairly confident that I'll meet this goal...and possibly before the summer is over!

3:  The Want List

I started 2021 with 94 sets on my want list.  The goal by the end of the year is to have no more than 80 sets on my want list moving into 2022 (this includes any new sets added in 2021)!   So far, I've added two new sets to my want list and completed four old sets for a total net gain of -2 sets.  This brings my total to 92 sets...still a long ways to go until I hit the 80 mark.  BUT - I have a COMC order that should arrive sometime this year (seriously, their shipping is stupidly slow right now) and that will help knock a bunch of sets off of my want list.  So far, so good I guess!

4:  The Great Reorganization

Not a ton to report here other than I've made some solid progress reorganizing my entire Barry Larkin Collection (at least up through the year 1996).  I've also listed quite a few more stacks of unwanted cards on TCDB.  That table full of cards though?  Yeah, if anything it's got more cards on it now rather than fewer.  Whoops.

5:  My LEGO Blog

I hope to publish 50 posts this year over on my LEGO blog.  I'm sitting at 9 posts so far which keeps me in the running to meet my goal.  I still wish I could generate more readership over there - it'd make the time and effort I put into those posts a lot more worthwhile!  Still, I'm nothing if not stubborn so I'm going to stick with it for awhile longer yet!

6:  Breaker's Club / Group Breaks

All is going well here.  We wrap up the first Breaker's Club later tonight - and then I hope to announce sign-ups for the next Breaker's Club shortly after that!  I've also done a few non-Breaker's Club group breaks and I'll continue to try and do those as well moving forward.  Good times (minus all the sorting)!

7:  Reading

The last of the 2021 Resolutions is to read at least 12 books this year.  I've currently read two books so I'm right on schedule so far.  

And that does it for this year's resolutions.  Obviously, it's still early in the year but a quick check-in can be helpful to keep me on track.  I'm certainly satisfied with my progress in most of my goals - only the reorganization one sticks out as one that I need to do a bit better with...then again, that's been one of my goals for probably 7 or 8 years now - someday I'll actually finish it (maybe)!


  1. Glad to hear you're sticking with the Lego blog. Y'know I love and appreciate those posts.


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